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RA Cataldo & Associates Inc., founded in 1975, is comprised of Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Construction Managers, Construction Inspectors, and a full range of support personnel whose varied experience and technical expertise allows the firm to engage in a wide variety of engineering and land surveying projects.

As a multi-disciplined firm, RA Cataldo & Associates Inc. is organized to comprehensively advise its clients on the broad range of hurtles encountered in the planning, design, and construction phases of their projects. Our expertise ranges in scope from complex State and Federal transportation projects, to complete site development to simple site improvements. We take pride in our reputation for being responsive to our clients, especially being available when needed to offer immediate attention to their needs.

The services available to our clients are delivered through a project team approach specifically tailored to meet the needs of the specific project. This project team approach has enabled RA Cataldo & Associates Inc. to develop new design approaches that are not only innovative, but uniquely practical and economically sound. This has enabled RA Cataldo & Associates to establish a record of successful project execution and completion both on-time and within budget.

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