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Construction Management and Inspection

RA Cataldo & Associates offers a broad range of Construction Management and Inspection services and Contractor Quality Control (CQC) services for transportation, utilities, environmental, and recreational projects. Competent and thorough inspection is one of the most important elements in achieving a quality construction project. Proper inspection requires not only technical expertise and knowledge of the materials and procedures to be used, but also sound judgment, diplomacy and good communication skills. Our construction engineering and inspection services include, inspection and oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications, Contractor’s activity inspection and documentation, inspector’s daily report preparation, examination of quality of installations for conformity to standards and specifications and preparation of punch lists and project closeout.

RA Cataldo Civil Engineers

Successful construction management demands a detail-diligent approach, proactively managed by professionals who have the experience, skills and technical support each project demands. RA Cataldo & Associates’ professionals are seasoned with hands-on experience in the construction industry. This experience gives our project teams the practical knowledge they need to effectively manage virtually any type of capital project. 

Our construction management team is experienced in working with transportation agencies to successfully execute all types of infrastructure construction projects including highways, traffic signals and land developments for State, City and local municipalities including private developers. We provide comprehensive on-call construction management and inspection services. In-depth knowledge and technical expertise are the driving forces behind our success that allows us to provide highly specialized construction services. We work closely with clients, communicating at every step to create a seamless process, address unique construction program needs and ensure that goals are successfully met.

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